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The Paj - The Outside (Part 2)

The Paj - The Outside (Part 2)

This week we're going to wrap up most of the setup on the outside the Paj. We'll be focusing on the roof rack and shelter attached to it.

We initially fitted a Rhino-Rack Pioneer platform to the factory roof rails. You'll see this is some of our earlier pictures and this was a good roof rack, but with our move to a rooftop tent and plans to tour on unsealed roads the strength of the factory rails and weight of the platform were a worry.

We opted to ditch the factory rails and fit Rhino-Rack tracks in their place. We have had a custom alloy platform roof rack fabricated and mounted to the tracks that is 300mm longer, 100mm narrower, lower profile and 25kg lighter. We designed the roof rack to make mounting our Rooftop tent quicker and easier (Mrs. is happy about that one). It allows us to get our hands underneath to tighten bolts and has the strength to cope with the weight, both were very important factors in the design. 

Mounted to the passenger’s side we have a Rhino-Rack awning, it's welcome relief from the sun and the rain. We also have a mosquito net enclosure and extra attachable panels for the three sides to either add extra shade or can be pulled down as walls to protect us from the wind. Some LED strip lighting is ample light at night and with a dimmer it is just a little flash!

For overnight shelter, our current abode is an MDC rooftop tent. We're really enjoying the quick setup and altitude over our old tent so far. We've upgraded the mattress, a foam eggshell mattress topper is just the perfect amount of extra cushion needed for a perfect nights sleep. Underneath it has a large room, big enough for some beds but for the two of us it's perfect shelter for the dog and privacy if set up at a crowded campsite.

Just in case you wanted it even simpler:

  • Roofrack – Custom alloy platform, Rhino-Rack tracks
  • Awning – Rhino-Rack Sunseeker II 2.5m
  • Awning mosquito room – Rhino-Rack mesh room
  • Shade Panels – Rhino-Rack Sunseeker awning side wall (x2), Sunseeker 2.5m awning extension
  • Tent - MDC roof top tent
Sandy Cape - Finally

Sandy Cape - Finally

The Paj - The Outside (Part 1)

The Paj - The Outside (Part 1)