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The Paj - The Outside (Part 1)

The Paj - The Outside (Part 1)

Here at Treks & Tinroofs we love reading about all things four-wheel-drive (particularly the Mr.), especially other peoples rigs and how they've been customised.  We thought we would introduce you to our trusty steed... properly! Since we started the blog we have added some so called enhancements to her, these have been shaped by treks and travels we have done and in turn made our lives off-road a little easier. 

Before we get carried away with all the information, we will try and break it down for you. So over the next few weeks stay tuned to read about:

  • Outside - Part 1
  • Outside - Part 2
  • Navigation, Comms & Electrics
  • Storage, Tyre's & Suspension
  • Odd bits and pieces

So lets get started...

Starting at the front of the car, we fitted a TJM steel bull bar to our Pajero. We chose this bar for a few reasons:

  1. We wanted a design that would protect us and the vehicle against wildlife
  2. Had to be able to fit a winch
  3. Look good too

Mounted in the bar, is a Runva synthetic rope winch. While these winches come from China, they are regarded as one of the higher quality units being exported from there. Their warranty is comprehensive and reassuring (one of the only at the time that warranted winches that had been fully submerged in water). 

Speaking of getting our feet wet, we have a TJM snorkel. The Pajero intake is in a pretty bad position, Mitsubishi give a 700mm fording depth rating, and that's only if you're doing it properly. A snorkel is cheap insurance, and provides some cleaner air in dusty conditions too.

Also fitted is a breather kit that runs from the top of the engine bay down to each of the diff. This stops the oil turning into a milky oil/water mixture when driving through rivers and puddles, peace of mind really.

Protecting the Paj underneath we have installed a mishmash of different manufacturer’s bits. From Bushskinz we have 4mm steel bash plates covering the intercooler, auto transmission and transfer case while a 3mm TJM steel plate covers the engine sump. A locally designed and built 4m rear skid plate prevents deforming the plastic rear bumper while 4wding (this may or may not have happened multiple times before buying this plate…in mud AND sand). 

We thought that would be enough for one day so stayed tuned for Part 2!

Until next time...

Just in case you wanted it even simpler, this is what we have told you we have fitted so far:

  • Bullbar – TJM T13 Steel Winch Bar Colour coded
  • Winch – Runva 11XP - Dyneema Black Edition  
  • Snorkel – TJM Airtec
  • Diff breather kit – Generic ebay kit
  • Intercooler bash plate – Bushskinz 4x4 Mitsubishi NM – NX Intercooler/Front Guard
  • Sump bash plate – TJM Sump Guard to suit Mitsubishi Pajero 2000+ 
  • Transmission bash plate – Bushskinz 4x4 Mitsubishi NM – NX LWB/SWB DiD Auto Transmission Guard
  • Transfer case bash plate – Bushskinz 4x4 Mitsubishi NM – NX Transfer Case Guard
The Paj - The Outside (Part 2)

The Paj - The Outside (Part 2)

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay