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Lessons learnt - from the Mrs.

Lessons learnt - from the Mrs.

For me the lessons learnt are a little different. I agree with some of Mr's but for me it was more about how we traveled. So here goes...

The scenery

Let me say I did not expect or know how beautiful the Kimberley was going to be. I literally had no idea what to expect, I didn't even Google before I left, just left it up to the Mr to plan everything. I had been to the Pilbara before and just thought, oh yeah same same, but different. Well I couldn't be proved more wrong. It was so undulating, and after the rain the Kimberley had just had, it was so green and full of water, just so different to what I thought.

I mentioned in one of our first posts on here, that I wasn't that excited and would rather be spending 5 weeks in Europe or the US, well now looking back I can say I was proved wrong. Our Kimberley trek was amazing, and I can't wait to get back up there and explore some more.

How we packed

We learnt pretty quickly the best way to pack the car even though it took as a few stops to figure it out. Most important was snacks, towels and bathers. When driving long days we didn't want to have to stop every time we were hungry! How we packed the car to get on the road became a game of tetris using every little space we could find. When unpacking to camp we also had to have a methodical way of getting the gear out so there wasn't stuff all over the ground. Here the rooftop tent would have been amazing!

Time Driving

When we first hit the road we were both driving long days around 5-6 hours each. We were both knackered by the end of the day. We found that if we swapped drivers every 3-4 hrs so we didn't get too tired. This was the best thing we could of done. I did the 1st stint as I am a morning person and then we would swap from there.

Something to keep us busy on the long drives

We had a number of playlists to keep us going on the long drives, however it was audio books that I loved. We had the Harry potter series (no judgement) and having seen the movies and personally not read the books it really passed the time. Over the 5 weeks we only got through 4 of the books and can highly recommend the ones read by Stephen fry! looking back I wish we had podcasts as well to mix it up a bit.

Trying new things

I decided that it would be a good idea to invest in a shewee for the trip. If you don't know what it is well it allows a female to stand up to wee just like a man! yep interesting right.... I presumed with all the good reviews it had that it would be easy to use, well I couldn't be more wrong! My God! First of all, it recommends 'practicing' in the shower, ok got that one, practiced for a week, all while saving water! Then apparently your ready to go... well lets just say I tried once and I may need more practice. Problem is, is I don't want to practice, if the strike rate was anything to go by, I give up; so I'm looking for something different now, one that is a little easier to use. Any suggestions would be great!

I can rough it at times

I love creature comforts, let me be honest when we travel I really like nice hotels and comfy beds, even though you don't end up spending much time there, its something I value after a long day, exploring. For me I thought this trip would be a challenge for me camping for just over 3 weeks. Well I made it and actually enjoyed it! I didn't mind using long drops, not having a proper shower, and my feet being constantly dirty and stained red. It made the hotel stay in Broome that much nicer and you really appreciate those creature comforts.

Until next time

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay

Lessons learnt - from the Mr.

Lessons learnt - from the Mr.