About Us

Hi! Welcome to Treks & Tinroofs, we are so excited that you have taken time to check out our website and join us on our travels. We’re new to this blogging thing but we started the Treks & Tinroofs website to document our adventures together. We were both born, raised in and currently call Perth, Western Australia home.

I love dumplings, he loves burgers and we both love to travel and explore. Sometimes our treks & travels are just for the day or overnight, for the weekend or a couple of weeks. Our blog includes locations close to home and those a little further away and we’ll attempt to capture some decent photos to share with you.

We take our photos with our Nikon D5500 DSLR, GoPro Hero 4, DJI Mavic Pro or Samsung S7's. All photos are our own or credit is given and permission has been provided by the owners.

Why Treks & Tinroofs?

Treks- Well it’s pretty basic really “treks’ because we wanted a way to keep our family & friends up to date on our treks & travels and basically so we don’t have to repeat ourselves too many times, we can just say ‘check the blog’. These include our off-road and camping trips, interstate and our overseas travels.

Tinroofs- This one is a little trickier! When heading out 4wd we always sleep under canvas (like most) but somehow Treks & Canvas just didn't roll off the tongue as well... don't you think? Also when we travel interstate and overseas most of the time we aren't camping so I guess a tin roof it is. I also have a small confession... Well I love all things house, homewares make me happy! I plan to eventually blog about our house and renovations.

We hope that after reading some of our treks & travels, checking out our pictures and following us on our social media accounts, you will also be inspired to trek & travel this amazing planet that we all live on. Also let us know your favourite places we love hearing other people's adventures too!